Washington to Lancaster, Ohio – not feeling good today.?

51 Miles 

Day 60 

Unfortunately I really wasn’t feeling it today. I woke up feeling unwell but tried my best to cycle through it. 

With a dizzy head, headache and feeling nauseated , Daisy (my bike) and I relied on Andy and Wiggo (Andys bike) to show us the way. 

We all did our best to navigate our way. 

Being under the weather isn’t nice at the best of times and I would have been better staying indoors today. But the challenge can’t be held up because I’m having an off day – we’ve got deadlines and responsibilities. 

I’m sure I’ll be fine tomorrow and back with better news. Because .. 

We’ve got 9 cycling days left to share. The countdown is on because New York is calling US ALL to the finish line. 

A random post box: 

A beautiful home. 

We made it to Lancaster in one piece…

… and I’ve climbed straight into bed. I’ll be back on track tomorrow and tonight I’ve got a nurse looking after me. 


  1. Sorry you’re feeling under the weather. Bed is good. Andy is probably your best nurse. And you made another day.

    Quick recovery! What you’re doing is not for the feint of heart, girl!

    Take care.

  2. You are absolutely inspiring! I am in Virginia with my friends…just finishing up our American history tour. What a fabulous 9 days it has been! I told my friends about you and Andy and your adventure and every time one of us would complain about walking about in the heat & humidity, or feel a little ache or pain, I’d remind them of what you’re experiencing and the complaining would cease.
    Sorry you were under the weather, I’m hoping you woke up feeling stronger and were able to keep going.
    You both have inspired countless people and will continue to! Thank you for being so consistent with your posts! I have enjoyed every one!

  3. Tracey – you are such a star! I have followed your progress from day 1 checking in on your blog after receiving the post in email format first.

    You have showed me how to make a better blog – plus, this cycling business would have put me six feet under by now. I am sure Andy D will know what to do to help you on your down day.

    On the plus side – not long to New York! This is an incredible account of perseverance.

    Please, dai it fer the bairns!

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