Altoona to Woodward,PA?

Day 66

65 Miles

After a great night Daisy was packed up because today the bikes were heading to the city. Water and snacks included.

Our fan (s) are lining the streets. We called him Ray. 

The sunflowers filled the field with colour. 

On route the armish people sold fruit by the side of the road. 

We had some fun flying down the hills. When there’s an up there’s always a down – see if you can spot Andy on his way back up. 

Corn fields lined the roadsides. 

Pennsylvania is very beautiful. 

We arrived in Millheim town and were soon introduced to these guys. The bar was packed out with bikers from all over the area who came together to celerbrate the life of a friend called Chad, raise awareness and money for sucide prevention. 

They were full of fun and very welcoming. Bill sat on my bike, as you can see below and Jason let me sit on his bike. 

Bill commented about my seat being hard. Not quite the luxury he’s use to ???? and I have to say the Harley was very comfortable. 

We chatted together and then left and cycled up the road and out of the town looking for some quiet area to pitch the tent. 

Thinking about changing my wheels …. 

Making our way to Woodward we came across a very quiet area to the side of a corn field. His was when Eric and Mary – Ellen ( Eric’s daughter) spotted us and we figured that if we kept a low profile, then no one would move us on. 

However, being rumbled turned out to be to our advantage. These people invited us to pitch in their back yard and offered us to shower and to eat with them. We accepted the kind offer. Perfect! 

Eric’s wife and son are in the UK and when they get back dad and Mary- Ellen have got their own adventures to talk about. 

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  1. Is seems in reading these blogs that often you guys didn’t really know where you would sleep. Must seem worrisome. Thank god for the kindness of strangers.

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