Cambridge, Ohio to Triadelphia, West Virginia State no 10

69 miles 

Day 62 

We woke up to heavy fog and a mystical view in front of us, as we overlooked the beautiful and peaceful landscape. 

Quickly packing the tent away so as to get on the road, we had our concerns because our tent was soaking wet. 

However, the sun soon evaporated all the moisture from the air. The sun is really intense here and as a Brit it’s taken some getting use to. 

Cycling around three miles away from the church grounds, we arrived in Cambridge, Ohio. Just a flying visit to take this picture. 

We continued cycling east and came across Mr Lee’s family owned restaurant. We enjoyed meeting Linda, the daughter of Ralph the owner. 

Linda told us about her dad who’s in his late eighties who continues to have the same work ethic as he did in his twenties. Starting his day at 0400 to get the restaurant prepared for the public. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet him because he’d popped backstage for a nap. 

Their restaurant is immaculate. 

Please meet Linda who’s modelling my cycle helmet. 

We hadn’t cycled too far when this very thoughtful man, called Tip pulled up by the side of the road and gave us the heads up about a cycle trail. He wanted to try and keep us off busy roads. Like I said a very thoughtful man. 

The cycle trail was a safer route to Lore City, taking us on a route just a couple of miles down the road, away from the traffic. 

Unfortunately the trail was short. 

Around thirty miles down the road we saw a petrol and grocery store. This was when we met Bruce and Eric. These guys gave us some reassurance about our route today. Im sure they took some pleasure in telling us to expect some big hills today. They made me laugh and yes they were right about the hills! 

Friends for over fourty years. 

Whilst at the store we took advantage of the sun and dried our tent. This only took around fifteen minutes to fully dry. 

We said our goodbyes and continued to push on. It was a hot day and because I don’t want another day of feeling out of sorts we’ve been taking on plenty fluids. 

We had some beautiful scenery today and the traffic was low at this point. 

Cycling through a couple of small towns and villages we eventually arrived in Barnesville. 

The people of this friendly town, like other towns and villages we pass through want to know who we are and why are we cycling through their home. 

Because we stand out – we get noticed and because it’s unusual to see cyclists passing through with our Union Jack flapping in the breeze most people want to ask us about our journey. 

This happened in Barnsville. Chris and Brandon. This is a family run store. 

We put our heads down and pushed over the climbs Bruce and Eric warned us about. Through valleys, eventually cycling out of Ohio and into West Virginia! State number ten ????

Literally and I mean around twenty feet before the West Viginia sign we met Mary- Ann. This lovely lady happily filled up our water bottles. 

    However, we still had around ten more miles to go before reaching our destination. 

    We cycled through Wheeling City. This suspension bridge frightened me because I’m not keen on heights. Yes I’ve cycled up to 11000 feet on this trip but I can’t relax! 

    Trembling I took a steady approach, my heart bouncing in my chest and looked forward and I made it to the other side! 

    An elephant sculpture in Wheeling City. 

    Wheeling City in the evening sun. 

    After a further seven miles we arrived in Triadelphia. I very much welcomed this sign. 

    Tonight I will sleep like a baby. 

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    1. Tracey,
      I continue to enjoy your posts! I notice you are sporting some new jerseys! That makes me smile!
      You are about to head into some history-rich country! I hope you will take some time (though I know your time is tight and limited) to learn a bit more about our great United State’s history, as it is very connected to your country’s history.
      Thank you again for continuing to share your journey with all of us! Such an amazing experience!
      I think of both of you daily and am so grateful for your continued safety!
      Love to both of you!
      ~Vicki (your friend in Cedar City)

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