Hamburg to Bethlehem,PA.

Day 69

33  Miles 

Our morning started in out in a damp tent. As soon as I opened the zip on the tent water dripped on my head. 

Tentatively, I crept out because the spiders are huge here! Just last night one ran over the top of the tent. You couldn’t miss him. I gave Andy a sideways look, as if to say I’ve never seen one that big before, Andys eyes almost popped out. 

It was definitely time to pack up and move on. 

The dampness in the air very soon evaporated and the beautiful hedgerows came alive in the warmth of the day. 

Another sunny day and clear skies.

The roads rolled up and down with some fairly big climbs, nothing that we couldn’t handle and not as steep as mountains in Nevada, Utah, or Missouri. 

Monarchs Pass in Colorado, if you stood before us now we would laugh in your face ???? (if mountains have faces). Well I can say that now we are hundreds of miles away. 

Continuing down the road for around thirty miles hunger set in.

So we stopped for lunch with a beautiful roadside view. Feeling relaxed and comfortable.  Watching passing cars and trucks as they rushed along as though there lives depended on getting somewhere as quickly as they could. 

Our tranquil lunch ????

Actually, in part some of that was true. We did enjoy seeing some motorists because we frequently get people waving and smiling at us. They can see that we’re up to something, with our British and Anerican flags flapping around. 

This gets attention! Quite the celebrities these days ????

Cycling towards Bethlehem on highway 22, Eastbound got me into song.

Afterall, I am carrying a donkey. This guys been with me across the full width of the USA, just chilling in my top box. Just maybe I’m loosing the plot but laughter is goodfor you – right?! 

I was in a great mood today! 

I was feeling giddy! Why? Because New York City is in our sights. We’ve come along way to get to this point…. TOGETHER ????????

We’ve had some tough days and we’ve had not so tough days. 

We’ve laughed and we’ve cried. 

We’ve been overwhelmed with the heat and we’ve been cold with the snow on the higher elevations. 

But most of all we’ve enjoyed all of it and we’ve enjoyed sharing it with you. New old and forever friends and family. 

Cherished memories .. 

The next couple of days we’ll have to be careful because the traffic is getting busier and we don’t want to be tooted for the wrong reasons… 

But the journeys not over yet – We’ve got to cycle through New Jersey and into New York.

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