Lancaster to Cambridge, Ohio?

Day 61

 62 Miles 

First off, I’m back on form! I must have slept for over ten hours and woke up ready for pedaling. Note to self – MUST drink more fluids. 

The sun doesn’t take any prisoners ??????????

Today started out by heading north  east, on our old faithful highway 22. We got a couple of thumbs up from some locals in Lancaster and one asking ‘Where you going’ – this sentence was repeatedly asked when we were on the Trans America route. Previously, we would find it quite amusing because EVERYONE asked us again and again but today it sounded comforting. So.. We replied ‘New York’. With a jaw dropping ‘Your Crazy’. I laughed ????

This not so very SUBTLE sign also made me laugh. I don’t think it’s nice but I can’t believe it’s so blunt!

The roadside had some beautiful wild flowers. 

We had a brief stop at Somerset. A lovely picturesque town. 

The Somerset Diner. Where we met two lovely waitresses, Kayleigh and Chevelle. 

After a light bite we headed out to Zanesvile, to The Three Sixty Cycle shop. Andy had a grinding sound coming from the bearings in his front wheel. This was worrying especially because we’ve got around 500 miles left to cycle, including the Appalachian  mountains. 

Job sorted by Anson. 

Back on our bikes to Cambridge. Feeling safe in the cycle lane. 

But it didn’t last very long. Oh well back to sharing the road. The problem is that some vehicles, mainly trucks don’t give you a lot of room. 

But we’ve got them figured out and watch for them, in our mirrors. We’ve got use to cycling on the right hand side and understand the traffic light system, just red to stop and green to go. There’s also a light system which is like a gentlemans agreement system, if you get there first you can go, and if your second you wait and so on. 

These rumble strips can be placed in the middle of cycle lanes.

We bobbed in and out of these a couple of times. 

Then we came across this Diner. We didn’t stay for drinks, I just popped in and took some pictures, thanked the waitress and left. 

This evening we found a quiet area behind a Baptist Church, just a couple of miles from Cambridge. 

Away from the busy City. 

We even have an en suite, I like the minimalist look. I managed to wash my hair and brush my teeth. 

Goodnight and see you all tomorrow. 


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