Ray’s house to Vitondale, Pennsylvania?

Day 64 

59 Miles 

Our morning began with the sun rising over Ray’s garden. His little piece of heaven. 

After breakfast together we said our goodbyes and Ray gave me a big hug, and said if you come back this way again to call in on him. I’m going to miss Ray. 

Back on the road we headed east cycling up a couple of steep hills stopping at a garage for a coffee, we noticed two cyclists taking a break. 

Meet Paul and Paul. Two local guys and as it turns out they gave us a great alternative route. Instead of taking the highway 22 all the way to Vitondale they suggested taking the ghost town trail. 

However, before we could enjoy this – there was a small issue of highway 22. The hard shoulder was wide and gave us a safety net. 

We had to cycle around thirty miles before taking the trail. The road was busy and not very pretty but I didn’t mind because we got to meet a friendly truck driver. 

Please meet Ryan. 

Leaving the busy highway was instantly peaceful. 

The ghost trail proved to be stunning with trees lining the way and we saw a couple of snakes on the pathways and deers drinking from the river. 


Andy and I took a break along the trail and Mike, a local guy also stopped and asked ‘Are you two doing a big cycle ride, like coast to coast’. Great guess! We chatted about our trip and thecandidates running for office before getting back on the trail. Smart guy! 

We met another cyclist along the Trail called Gene. We stopped and talked about the route to Nanty Glo. Nice friendly guy. 

Meet Gene.

Just before reaching Nanty Glo we were asked for directions to highway 56 by a lady who appeared to be lost. Of all people she asked two Brits.

Andy helped her out. 

We set up camp, thankfully just before the sun went down. 


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  1. Tracey, has Andy told you yet that he made a mistake with the return flight?It is in fact from San Francisco not New York! So you’ll need to turn back as soon as you reach New York and do it all again in reverse- is that ok? Go Daisy Go Wiggo and carry on bringing sunshine into the lives of people you meet along the way.

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