Woods 6 miles East of Shamokin to Hamburg, PA?

Day 68

45 Miles 

The first thing to greet me this morning was a bug! He was HUGE and appeared to be having a flipping good time in our tent. 

These guys (bugs) sang all night and they sent me into a lullaby slumber. 

Back to the bug. Andy got a nudge to sort him out- man to man! and I escaped by the exit flap of the tent. 

We cycled away from the woods with a mission to find water because we were running really low. This was when we met Tanya and Margaret. 

These people without hesitation gave us four bottles of water and filled our bottles up. Very kind people. 

A little further down the road and we met Robert, better known as Marty who had waited to ask if we wanted some water and his peach. Marty works for the forestry department. This guy cycled Coast to Coast East to West in 1986. He explained that the ride pulled him back around from a difficult time in his life. What helped was meeting great people.  

Cycling down to Lavelle town for a coffee, Andy got a right kick out of this signage. Turkey Hill. 

Meet Joseph Powell. We met this guy at Turkey Hill gas station. We talked about anything and everything, including poverty, the USA presidential candidates and about the local area. 

My lasting impression was he’s a smart guy. 

Minersville Town. We cycled through here today looking for somewhere to dry the tent and have a light lunch. 

Please meet Svetislav and his wife Mary. We had some homemade food at their cafe and these people treated us really well. 

They live in Minersville, having moved from Romania  to the USA around thirty years ago to improve their lives. These people put a lot of effort into creating a better life for themselves and their children. 
Lasting impression of these people is love thy neighbor and you’ll be treated well. 

The highway 61 east wasn’t too busy with traffic and the wide lanes kept them, mostly away from us. 

Eventually we made it to Hamburg. We were pleased because we needed a shorter ride today, with aching legs and feeling a little weary we value sometime to relax. 

This was when we found the Moose Club. Unto known to us the Club was Celebrating their 100th Aniversary and their usual club membership was wavered to welcome the public just for this week. 

The organisation  cares for vulnerable children and at risk teens, and also offers residential housing for elderly Moose members. 

We had an amazing welcome and I mean everyone welcomed us! 

They congratulated us on our achievement with the cycle ride, and even made us members of their club.  

Our newest friends. Dean and Karen. 

Meet Buck. 

We also met Heather and Brad. 

We are now proud members of the Loyal Order of Moose. 

Tonight we’ve pitched up in a field around the back of a church. The familiar sound of the bugs are outside the tent again singing their tune. 
Last thing on my mind this evening… 

We’ve only got 127 miles to go ???????? !


  1. Amazing effort both of you. I am humbled by what you have achieved. Nearly time to stop peddling!
    Lots of love and hugs
    Rachel xx

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