Le Nouvion – en- Thierache to Noyon

Day 6. Le Nouvion-En-Thierache To Noyon

Today was the best day ever! For so many reasons.

The weather was perfect for cycling , the canal route was beautiful and we saved an animals life!

A young deer.

So this morning. We had a brief misty drizzle of rain for around half an hour. This dried up and just perfect sunshine.

Keeping things basic and cheap – we ate some simple food after warming it on the camp stove. We pay for all of our expenses and are on a budget.

So, on we went. Peddling into the country side.

Just to remind you we are on the Ansell leg of Ride to the Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF). Ansell donated £5,000 to the charity. This WILL save lives. This is why we are cycling to raise £ for people who need healthcare support. We can often overlook what we have – SOME don’t have the NHS or equivalent. MSF provide this.

We are heading towards Paris.

The cycling was beautiful today – bike tracks through woods and was an absolute pleasure after the challenge of yesterdays .

We are carrying 40kg on the bikes. My legs – knees are hurting. Really sore!

We head further on out of the woods and onto a canal – cycle way.

Around mid afternoon I said Theirs a dog in the canal.

Well I thought it was a dog but it was actually a young deer struggling to get out of the canal but couldn’t. It tried several or more times.

The deer was distressed and I said I’ll get some help. Unable to speak French but motivated – I cycled to the nearest village. Google translate helped and Andy stayed with the deer to track its movements.

Help came with a boat. Several attempts to lasso the deer failed.

Eventually the fire crew managed to pull the deer out of the water – Andy was involved in the rescue. He held the lasso. Helping to transfer the poor thing onto a boat.

She was saved.

After this we carried on towards Noyon.

We made Noyon about 1830hrs – late but pleased with ourselves.

Super tired.

Goodnight from me, Andy and from the deer.

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