Bivakzone Wortel Kolonie to Brussels

Day 3

I woke up to a soggy tent, a cold shoulder and my sleeping bag was damp. This made me want to get up.

The field ( my garden for the night ) was misty and I could hear hundreds of sounds from all the animals and insects waking up.

The trees lined our route out of the woods. Sandy tracks made our exit unsteady and I was careful not to fall slip.

We came across a cafe in the woods and stopped for coffee. This was a treat and I even managed to wash my face. Fresh warm water always feels great after a night sleeping wild in the woods.

Mostly the day was industrial. The camels were littered with diggers, cranes and barges dropping off their deliveries. Brussels docks are quite grey and not pretty.

We cycled and cycled some more and eventually arrived in Brussels. All I can say is Brussels is a nightmare to cycle through! The roads are crazy. They are use to cyclists and electric scooters weaving around the roads, and stop ( mostly) for you on the crossroads but the traffic at rush hour is madness.

Eventually we made it to our hotel. Yes tonight we’ve got a comfortable room. This has been paid for by Ansell. I am in love with the thought of sleeping in a bed.

I am enjoying a couple of drinks in the Grand Place tonight. The locals and tourists are merry.

Goodnight my friends from Brussels.

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