Brussels to Ansell, Head Office Brussels

Day 4

So we stayed in Brussels last night, ate some good Lebanese food, slept in a bed and woke up warm and dry with no tent to pack up.

However, somehow it felt strange waking up this way – it wasn’t the best night sleep and I miss the bird song!

Today was a day to head to Ansells head office, in Brussels.

To get to their we cycled – weaving through the streets – before Brussels woke up.

The Ansell team greeted us warmly.

Microsoft teams was used for the presentation. This way people sat watching at home – all around the globe could be included.

We had a photo shoot with the team – with the £5,000 cheque and the bikes. The Ansell team are a great bunch of people and we’ve only ever been shown kindness and consideration by them.

After this we headed to the Brussels – MSF office to touch base and get some contact emails and leads for Paris, Geneva and Barcelona. This went well and they were very grateful, very thankful and wished us a safe journey to Gibraltar.

I had a little happening this evening – my foot got caught up in a broken metal framed glass pavement light. I was walking along and my heal got trapped as I stepped. My achilles was fractionally missed! First my eye and then this – I’m taking this as luck being on my side because things could have been so very different!?

The Ride to the Rock continues and we are heading into France tomorrow.

With love to you from me, Andy and the bikes. Tonight I have a bed and I will be clean, unshaken and ready for OUR new day.

Cheers to you


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