Day 1 Ride to the Rock for Doctors Without Borders

What a day ! Ride to the Rock

The FIRST STAGE of the cycle ride will take Andy and I from Amsterdam to Geneva. This is the ANSELL stage.

This morning I said my goodbyes to my beautiful family – I will be in Europe for three months and I am going to miss them a lot! They are my world . Another reason for bringing them was to inspire my nieces. With a little determination we can achieve our goals.

This stage is sponsored by ANSELL who are global leaders in protection solutions. They design, develop and manufacture a wide range of protective equipment (PPE). Their vision is to create a world where people can enjoy optimal protection. Against the risk they are exposed to. One of those risks being covid – 19.

Sadly I lost my beautiful Aunt Susan to this virus. She was very poorly and immunosuppressed. Such a tragedy seeing someone you love unable to breathe . Being redeployed onto the covid wards, my colleagues and I used PPE supplied by such as Ansell. They kept us safe so that we could do our job.

Today we completed our first day. We’ve had a day of sunshine, beautiful scenery and a full heart. (These are words I’ve borrowed from Andy). Oh yeah, and numb bums!

I have a full heart too. I feel proud that the Ride to the Rock is finally underway . We all have dreams and this is one of mine. Let’s bring some donations in to provide healthcare to those without it – the most desperate people in our world.

That’s day 1 in the bag Amsterdam to Gorinchem

I am tired and need to get some rest. The tent is waiting , let’s see if I manage some sleep.


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