Day 4 Brussels to Villers – Sire – Nicole Northern France

Today we started with a healthy breakfast, a decent shower – Thank You to the Ansell Team. You have looked after Andy and I, and we will miss you. You really are a great team.

I was on a high this morning because I had newly laundered clothes to wear. Nothing more nicer than smelling decent when camping.

We headed out of Brussels this morning.

To be honest we’ve really got use to cycling on the right – city cycling, and countryside cycling. Also we’ve got a handle on other cyclists , scooters and cars. Some cyclists have cycled – in between us with an inch to spare.

Another sunny day from morning to late evening – from city to countryside. The sun was very warm and this brought people outside enjoying get togethers – picnicking, cycling , fishing etc. Warm waves and smiles wishing us luck as we cycled by.

The countryside was beautiful with trees lining each side of the cycle route.

We bought fresh strawberries and I enjoyed a éclair au chocolat. Small farm shops and patisseries frequently dotted our route.

We saw beautiful artwork lining the walls along the cannel.

We cycled through a beautiful village called Vellereille – le – Sec in Belgium. Here I fell in love with the old buildings and you could get a feel of times gone by. The village has been developed – though you can see some buildings, walls and roads had not changed for a hundred years. The road was cobbled and when cycling out of the village – we cycled old brick roads. Dated 1956.

Today we crossed from Belgium to France. We were happy to arrive at the campsite – both feeling tired, sweaty and hungry.

I am now inside my sleeping bag after showering and eating my ration of food.

Goodnight from Northern France . Sleep well my friends.

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