Gorinchem to bivac zone wortel kolonie – basically I’m wild camping

Right now I’m shattered. Im on the brink of attempting to keep my eyes open. My energy is zapped!

Finding this bivac zone took us through some woods and a mosquito war zone. Im unwashed and a microsecond away from falling asleep.

At least I’ve got a good pillow made up of every piece of clothing I’m carrying. This is my luxury for the night.

Today took us through the last leg of Holland and into Belgium. We’ve crossed over the border.

Today we stopped of Breda. Breda is cosmopolitan and located in the southern part of the Netherlands. The city constructed brick walls and Roman-style gates.

We’ve been shown lots kindness from the locals of Breda today. This came in abundance! Andy and I were sat eating our lunch around 2pm – just outside a supermarket. We are classy! We are trying to keep our costs down – because we are self funding our cycle ride.

Whilst sitting eating our DIY sandwiches on the supermarket market wall – we got approached by some very lovely, kindhearted locals. One lady handed me 2 ice lollies , and many wished us well with our trip – stopping to chat. These things keep us motivated.

Back to this morning.

We cycled along cycleways lined with trees, saw windmills that dominated the landscape and caught a ferry ride from Gorinchem to Sleeuwijk. Weather wise the winds were fierce. This slowed us down but we pushed through.

This evening we found the route difficult.

Komoot took us though some woods and struggled to clearly locate the bivac zone, and the cycleway was more suitable for mountain biking with sandy tracks making the wheels lose traction. Eventually after an hour or so and just before the sun went down we turned the right corner and bingo – a laminated sign put us in the right location.

Tonight we are in a field surrounded by wildlife ( I can hear them ), the wind sounds like a stormy sea and its pressing against the tent.

I won’t be heading out until the morning – so my legs are firmly crossed. Miskitos are in abundance and I won’t be joining their party.

Goodnight from Belgium, Andy , me and the mosquitos.


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