Noyon to Senlis ( not far from Paris)

Tonight I am drinking Passi Mento – an Italian red wine – which is magnifique. Such a treat after a long and hot day on the peddles.

I eating pizza in a beautiful Senlis – approximately 20 miles from Paris. The evening is still warm but the heat level has significantly been turned down.

My pizza was HUGE. Casa Italian THANK YOU – it was delicious.

Across from our table was a beautiful small white dog. I’m not sure of the breed,

I needed to say hello. So I did.

Here we got talking to the owner of the dog, and some other lovely French people / friends of each other.

We spoke about Britain leaving the European Union, and our cycle trip – amongst other things. Andy and I really enjoyed their company. Such nice people. Here we all are.

Back to this morning. We set off from Noyon around 09:00 and the heat was intense. No clouds – pure blue sky.

Komoot had some good cycle paths planned for today.

Here I am all fresh. This didn’t remain the same – later in the day I wasn’t so fresh!

However, we did have some steep climbing today. I had to get off and walk a couple of times – this way isn’t any easier because the bike is heavy. I’ve likely mentioned this before but I’m reminded of this everyday.

My chain fell off on one climb because my cog couldn’t accept the stress I demanded from it. Well that’s what I think.

This was off shot with how beautiful the ride was. With trees lining the way.

I felt blessed.

Andy and I wanted to visit the Compiegne Forest where the Armistice was signed on 22 November 1918. Here allies represented by Great Briton and France and German plenipotentiaries.

It was here that peace was declared between all the European nations – the Treaty of Versailles was signed on 28 June 1919.

Memorial of Peace written in languages from around the world.

Before we arrived at Compiegne – Andy and I saw a couple cycling towards us.

We waited for them. Stephane and Christina were nice people. They had the same plan as us – and joined us for the ride further into the forest and onto Compiegne.

I asked about their cycling plans and was told they’re travelling to Santiago de Compostela, north western Spain. Their reasons will remain close to my heart – they are searching for their own peace of mind.

Here we shared a tear or 2. Together we bonded and embraced.

I will leave my blog here.

Goodnight from Senlis and tomorrow Paris.


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