Paris to campsite just outside Melun

Day 9. Of the Ansell stage of Ride to the Rock for Medicines Sans Frontieres – Doctors Without Borders ( MSF).

Au revoir Paris et hôtel roche.

The way out of Paris was a little challenging – especially with the morning traffic. Drivers signalled their appreciation for our waves of thanks – we are getting along just fine with each other.

Hotel Roche was warm, comfortable and friendly. We got a nice send off just after 0900 by the hotel manager and got back on the road and headed towards Melun – our destination for today.

Our hotel send off

Today was hot and factor 50 was needed – Ive been feeling my arms burning. Beautiful clear skies overhead Paris’s residential areas and parks.

By 11:00 we were back into the forest and enjoyed the peace again away from the city’s traffic – just birds singing and the slight breeze was welcomed. The shelter of trees cradled the beautiful cycle path.

On route we cycled through Mongeron and decided to stop for lunch at a Thai Street food restaurant called Blue Mango. The food was fresh and super tasty, and very welcomed as I was hungry.

Here, I spoke to 3 road cyclists who had cycled from Paris and stopped off for coffee. Ben and William were very surprised with our plans to cycle to Gibraltar. Ben said “You must be crazy’! Well it’s a challenge alright but we are giving this our best shot!!

Andy was upset today because he lost his flags from the back of his bike. I noticed but we’d cycled a mile or so before heading back to find them. Just the pole was on the ground. Someone had taken them.

Anyhow, Andy attempted to look for a shop selling some but to no avail. So we continued onto Melun and to the camp la Belle Étoile south of the town. Here we met Yvonne and her husband – the camp hosts and as we started to unpack the tent – Mart from Nijmegen in the Netherlands asked if we wanted to join him for a drink.

The evening was great fun – sat chatting together over a beer and I enjoyed an ice cream. Great company and with such friendly and welcoming hosts! I would highly recommend this campsite.

We made a new friend tonight – Mart we will visit you in Nijmegen!

Goodnight from me.

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