Pont Sur Yonne, France to Woodland near Bellechaume ( wild camping)

Ansell Stage, Day 11.

Ansell Stage Day 11 Pont Sur Yonne To Woods Near Bellechaume.

This morning the sky threatened rain with dark clouds overhead. This held. For now at least.

Pont-sur-Yonne is a town in Yonne in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region, roughly 12 km north-west of Sens.

We cycled out of Pont Sur Yonne at times closely following the river Yonne. This cycle route was overgrown with the occasional tree branch whipping my face and legs, and the ground was difficult to cycle as this was uneven with potholes and loose stones.

Quite honestly you can’t cycle at any pace with these cycle ways because it’s pretty much stop – start – stop – start. My bike struggled to stay upright and my panniers are struggling to stay attached to my bike.

Following this we started to climb – up and then down and then up again, and so this record played for much of the journey. Eventually we arrived in to Sens.

The cathedral of Saint Stephen of Sens stood proud in the town. We went inside – here take a look :

The Cathedral of Saint Stephen of Sens

It started to drizzle misty rain – whilst in and leaving Sens. We sat drinking coffee and decide it was best to get moving.

After Sens we met 2 lovely lovely Brits on the road. Lara and Max who are cycling from Italy to London. They are raising money for “Smiles with Grace”. You can read more about this cause and their cycle challenge here https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/italy2city . A small donation would also be Amazing.

Continuing towards our home in the woods for the night – we slowly but surely started to feel cold and damp. The rain continued to drizzle. So we decided to call it a day and looked for a clearing in the woods.

Tent pitched.

Andy started to cook our basic rations.

I made the inside of the tent pleasant with comfortable home made pillows – with 2 T shirts filled with our clothes.

Poor Andy was rained on whilst I sat inside the tent – waiting for my supper.

The rain started coming down fast and this didn’t stop for the rest of the night and early hours of the morning. 11 hours of rain!

I didn’t sleep well – I’ve started with a bad cough, runny nose and headache. I was barking none stop – all night and morning.

However the forest is beautiful. The noises of the forest are awakening!

Goodnight little birds.


  1. I highly recommend a whisky laced Lemsip as a nightcap. Hope you feel better really soon.

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