The bikes needed a couple of tweaks by Percy.

Andy, my mum Rita, Crystal and Paige ( my nieces) arrived in Amsterdam on the 3 rd May.

I wanted to bring my family – for OUR send off to “Ride to the Rock’. I love them all dearly and as I won’t see them for 3 months – so I brought them along. You can see them in the video below.

I am behind the scenes – videoing the bikes going into Percys bike shop.

There’s another reason I’ve been behind the camera and not so much in front of it.

Since arriving in Amsterdam on the 3 rd May my left eye started to feel odd. It has been really sore! It was sore when the picture above was taken. Later on the 4th May – I could barely see out of it. This was worrying for the cycle ride!!

I’ve been to see a GP and I’ve given some antibiotics – suspecting I’ve developed blepharitis. This is why I’ve not blogged. My eye is weeping as I’m writing this.

I’ve been wanting to share and blog about Percy’s shop. Percy is a professional physio and he also owns “Percy’s bike shop’ in Amsterdam – a stones throw from the beautiful canals.

Percy enjoys painting bikes to the spec of the customers imagination and adds his own sprinkle of sunshine with his friendly disposition.

Let’s hope the bikes take some of Percy’s sunshine on our journey and I can step in front of the camera again – very soon.

Percy’s bike shop
My poorly left eye


    1. Hi Michelle, lovely to hear from you . I couldn’t believe it – I woke up I couldn’t open my eye!! I can at least see out of it now and the ride doesn’t start till Monday – PHEW ‍✨

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