Wasteland in Domblans to Woods near Ilay

Ansell Stage of Ride to the Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Day 17.

We packed the tent from our pitch on the wasteland and I had some French cheese on a piece of nutty baguette. Yum.

Following this we needed some charge for our navigation – kamoot. So we headed to the boulangerie because they usually have outside sockets and so far they don’t mind if you use them.

The boulangerie also has many, many more delicious treats and sometimes it’s difficult to choose. They also serve fresh coffee.

A good start to the day.

After enjoying a cake and 2 coffees we got back on the bikes and onto the hills. There was a steep climb to Chateau – Chalon and this can be taxing on my knees – though the view on top of the climb was stunning! The valley below was littered with vineyards.

So of course why not sample the local wine.

The plan for today was to approach the climbing steadily. To keep going even if the progress was slow because tomorrow the climbing maybe a little more difficult. We will see. However this approach is keeping us on track for our arrival in Geneva Wednesday.

We enjoyed a lovely and well deserved break in Chateau – Chalon, sitting outside in the sunshine drinking apple juice, cafe de longe and sorbet. Yum, yum.

We need to keep taking on plenty of calories and stopped for a picnic lunch – we usually have this around 2pm.

As you can see on the video below the scenery is beautiful. On this steady climb the road can flatten off for a while and give us a gentler ride.

So far we have managed to hit our target of cycling the Netherlands, Belgium and France. We have committed to making contact with operational head quarters MSF in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Geneva.

MSF Brussels and Paris have made us feel extremely welcome and we appreciated their supportive welcome.

We welcome a couple of days rest in Geneva and meeting the MSF team there.

For tonight we decided to stop for the day at the edge of some woods – just east of Ilay.

We scouted for a good pitch site. Before settling for

Tonight we drank the superb Chardonnay from Château-Chalon. I was sold on this after my taster earlier today .

Tomorrow we are heading towards Geneva.

Thank you all as ever for your support. This fundraiser works because of you.


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