Wild camping in the woods near Creancy to St Jean De Losne

Day 15.

Ansell Stage of Ride to the Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Up early – cosy and tucked up in my sleeping bag and surrounded by the song of birds and insects of all varieties. These creatures kept our hiding place a secret – our new friends of the forest.

We got back on the canal de Bourgogne and sadly this will be our last day on this canal – it has been a real pleasure! With herons sitting by the waterside, ducklings swimming along with their mothers and birds chatting, and zero cars!

Absolute paradise and safe cycling. I would highly recommend cycling along the canal de Bourgogne.

We made the decision to push on – past Dijon. Many reasons influenced this – we couldn’t book any accommodation because everywhere was fully booked. It’s a bank holiday and there was a motorcycle convention and a triathlon. Dijon was fully booked or absurd hotel prices.

We intended to either wild camp tonight or simply turn up at the campsite we emailed yesterday but hadn’t got back to us.

An hour or so after cycling past many small ecluse houses along the canal – we started to look for somewhere to have a coffee. Most places where closed because it was too early. Though when you really want something – we kept looking and eventually we found an amazing cafe!

Here I enjoyed coffee and black berry, chocolate and coffee sorbet in the sunshine. Yum. No pictures because I ate this blissfully without any other thoughts.

The herons stand proud by the side of the canal De Bourgogne.

Unfortunately due to the triathlon happening around the outskirts and in Dijon – we couldn’t get passed or continue with our planned route. We had to wait until Marshall’s let us through – the triathlon cycle stage was happening. This delayed our progress through the periphery of the city a couple of times. The route need replanning and eventually cycled out south east.

We cycled around 10 more miles along the canal de Bourgogne I wanted to get some shade. It was a swelteringly hot day!! This was a delight because as we sat under the shade of a tree – Andy noticed cherry’s on the ground. Yes, yes, yes the cherries were ripe enough to eat.

Andy showered me with cherries – I stood under the tree and cherries rained down.

After this, we carried on to Saint Jean de Losne. This is a beautiful town with a “lake’ formed from the river Saone.

We got lucky and arrived at the campsite and paid €10 for a pitch. The bliss of showering will be a treat!!

The town was a short cycle and the pizza loaded with cheese was delicious!!!

A lovely day.

Goodnight my cherrie 🍒


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