Amposta to Sant Mateu

Cycling Day 39.

Yesterday was a rest day. Here we ate, slept, visited the launderette and I managed to get a knock on the head by a scaffolding pole.

So, I’ve got “an egg sized bump’ on the top of my head. This happened as the market was closing down and I was in the wrong place – at the wrong time. I wanted to buy some fruit. Because the man didn’t automatically apologise and just told me to watch what I was doing – I automatically said ” lo sientes “. He was sorry but only because I told him to say this. I cried a little and bought some fruit with a very sad face.

Before leaving Amposta we visited a supermarket called Ameteller Origen intending to buy coffee and something for breakfast. Here if you are interested. . We got so much more than food and coffee, and even though opening time wasn’t for another 15 mins or so after we arrived. Waiting for them to open – they ushered us inside and the manager helped me find some vegan food. I had a nice chat with the young checkout lady and another staff treated us to a piece of cake (for free).

Cycling out of Amposta we headed towards a town called Ulldecona. We needed to cool down and bought a cold drink. Our view was of a beautiful church and swifts flew overhead. Next to our table a lady called Anita. Anita turned and we chatted for around 20 minutes. She is an interesting Belgium lady who’s travelled extensively since she was a young child – Europe, India, Australia ( these are the places I remember ). I agree with her and think people are the same all over the world but life experiences and beliefs have an impact on the decisions we make. I love people analysis documentaries – I’m curious about what makes an individual “tick’.

Today we are starting to travel more inland and the rural areas are beautifully green, and rich with farmers growing oranges, olives and lime trees. Me encantan las naranjas and I will buy one most days – given the opportunity.

After leaving Ulldecona we passed through towns called Traiguera and La Jana. We stopped briefly for another cold drink and an ice lolly – in La Jana.

We pushed on towards Sant Mateu. All along the route today the roads have been maintained well – with only one or two brief unpaved gravelled areas.

We arrived safely into Sant Mateu and slept for two hours ( I set the alarm ), The heat is very tiring. My first impression of Sant Mateu was about the people and how they are a close community. The centre area seated families chatting together – from the youngest to the oldest at the same table and groups of older men enjoying the company of each other. If you are interested.

Andy struggled with the heat today.

I managed to eat half of my Pizza. My appetite is definitely changing.

Before leaving the centre of Mateu we bought a kilo of grapes, 1 orange and some fresh pineapple juice for just under €3 from a small grocery shop. The fruit was locally sourced – delicious.

Sleep well my new and old friends.

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