Barcelona to Cunit – Camping La Rueda

Cycling Day 37 of Ride to the Rock. Sponsored by Toyota Gibraltar (TGS).

“Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) is proud to sponsor Andy Dennis and Tracey Hill on their next fundraising adventure, Ride to the Rock for MSF. TGS is the official supplier of Toyota vehicles to aid and charity organisations worldwide, including MSF. For over 25 years, TGS has been providing mobility solutions that change lives – being the Land Cruiser 4×4’s range, being off-road ambulance conversions and now, self-charging Hybrid SUV’s.’

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Feeling rested after having a couple of rest days in Barcelona.

We are now back on the road heading to Gibraltar.

It’s been really hot today!! It was one of those days with a breeze and you don’t realise just how hot it is!!

I have paid a high price because my shoulders are on fire!!!! I’ll be more conscious of this tomorrow.

Cycle moving time was around 5 hours – with just over 41 miles covered. This included slow climbing and steady downs – following the coastline with some sharp bends ( hence the steady downs) and at times the cars wanted us off the road.

Back to this morning.

Barcelona was hectic!

With people meeting for coffee – chatting and laughing, dropping by the shop for fresh bread and generally milling about. Those on the road whizzed by us on scooters and bikes. We participated by weaving through the maze of Barcelona.

The roads are generally marked out with cycle, taxi and bus lanes. We had to stay sharp, otherwise – Its very easily to miss traffic lights changing colour. Taxis take no prisoners and would toot anyone in their way and this morning – they did just that! To us.

As you can see below Barcelona is a busy city. With a population of 1.6 million.

Here are a couple of pictures of our view of the coastline – as we cycled away from Barcelona.

Eventually we arrived at the campground around 1900 hours. Tired and dusty from the roads and ready for some food. I collected this from a supermarket close to the campsite.

Camping La Rueda is situated approximately 500 meters from the beach. We paid 25 euros to pitch the tent for 2 people for – 1 night.

It’s almost 11 in the evening and the campsite is still alive with children screaming and adults shouting – playing games with torches and running around.

I was hoping for an early night. I have taken the video in the dark but you can hear their excitement.

Here’s the view from inside our tent.

Goodnight and I hope the campsite settles down soon – as we are up early (around 6) and need a good rest.

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