Cambrils to Amposta

Cycling Day 39.

Yesterday we arrived safely but very wet and very tired. I didn’t blog because of two reasons. 1. Andy started to feel really unwell with a heavy cold and 2. We got drenched in the heavy downpour of rain and arrived into Amposta feeling really cold.

Today. Andys a little run down. Daily cycling can have an impact on your body’s physiology – sweating lots in the heat, as we all know also has its issues and Andy sweats bucketfuls.

Our remedy for feeling under par was a warm shower, an early night in a guest house, paracetamols and fortunately a well thought through rest day to follow. This was already arranged.

The day started cycling beside the coast with a view of the beach front. Very pleasant. This changed fairly soon into a dual carriageway.

The day was a tough cycling day.

Here are a couple of videos to demonstrate this.

Our route as guided by Kamoot said part of the journey would be unpaved. However, this is always a gamble because the route planner doesn’t grade how unpaved the road is. However, the alternate route was unauthorised for cyclists – as this was a motorway. Basically kamoot likely did it’s best and the pathed route turned into an abandoned access road – running alongside the motorway. Unbelievably this was a road cycling route.

Kamoot told us to turn urn left. At this point it was unclear how to turn left!? Here’s a video.

Following this. We found a tunnel taking us left.

We cycled through a tunnel. I went through first. Why? Because Andy wanted to take a film. Please understand – I was a little concerned – I’ve got a sensitive imagination and there was also a drop of a few feet before I scrambled out the other side.

This led onto – guiding us towards the sea. We understood the route was coastal but plopping us into the sea!!? Andy investigated the route – on foot with little intention of taking the bikes. He saw a narrow access but we would have had to push the bikes up the side of the cliff edge – up some rugged steps.

This was a negative and far from safe!!

So we turned back towards the tunnel.

Round 2 of the tunnel was not appealing.

On the other side – the access road didn’t improve and if anything it became more difficult to cycle on. The wheels struggled to keep traction due to the sliding stones and the gradient of the hill.

We managed by putting the breaks on and pushing steadily – making sure the bikes didn’t fall.

I would not recommend taking this route.

Eventually we pulled away from the access route and onto a road cycling surface road. This was shared with cars and suitably paved. The route took us along a coastal road with a couple of climbs and into a seaside town with people sitting inside cafes. At this point it started to rain and people were scarce.

We continued to pass through small towns. Similar to other towns – there wasn’t a sole to be seen.

Olive and orange trees sat close to the roadside , and the rice fields sat just a couple hundred foot away.

It was starting to rain heavily. Really heavily! This is kind of nice because we’ve been trapped inside what seemed “a sauna’ – for more than a week – the air was humid!

The cool rain was refreshing and the thunder a good change from the fireworks being let off – celebrating the San Juan Festivities (day and night).

The journey towards Amposta was rugged, and at points not suitable for cycle touring. Though it was an interesting journey and gave me another angle on cycle touring.

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