Camping la Coquille (near Bagnols Sur Ceze) to Nimes

Cycling Day 27.

3 words. Hot, hot, hot!!! 36 Centigrade.

It’s been too hot to walk, talk or cycle.

Todays heat offered little to no comfort.

The remedy for this was ice cubes, Coca-Cola and ice cream. I had drank 2 litres of water in the first hour of cycling and my throat was hoarse! I was also loading on the suncream.

I was dripping with perspiration and my cycling top and shorts stool to my body, and the hills kept coming. The slower I cycled the more uncomfortable I felt !

Moving on from this – I enjoyed the scenery, the friendly waves and toots from cars when they saw the Union Jack Flag, and ice cream. Yum yum!! Oh and I enjoyed the lemon tart!

This was my view from the tent this morning. I unzipped the door and I was treated to this. Paradise.

The birds were cheeping and the sun came to say – an early hello. Beautiful.

I saw lots of ants and earwigs, and before going to sleep I even saw a frog. Frogs make loud noises and talk to each other for most of the late evening and early morning.

These little blighters will climb into your shoes, clothes, tent and possibly your drink.

After climbing out of the tent I took a sip from my bottle. I bought some tomato juice for breakfast and I would have normally just swallowed but I felt something on my tongue and it wriggled.

You guessed. Awful!!!!!!!

We headed towards Nimes and took the direct route because of the heat. The roads were busy with cars but the drivers were considerate. The road surfaces – at times potholed or uneven, and some country side roads thick with sand and difficult to cycle on.

We climbed a fair amount and slowly gained progress passing through a town called Marguerittes.

Eventually we made it to Nimes around 1600hrs. Here we are taking a rest day.

My legs are sore.

Goodnight from me and hopefully no one else.


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