Campsite near Saint Marcellin to Valence

Ride To The Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) (Unsponsored Stage).

Day 24.

Today started overcast. It looked like rain was on its way. This was welcomed and was a good change from the baking sun.

We met a friendly old dog called Knox sit with us whilst the tent and everything else was being packed up. He hung around for an hour or so!! Likely wanting our breakfast??!

The rain arrived around 10:30 and it didn’t stop following us around all morning – until around 12:30. This cooled the air and cycling with a wet top was quite refreshing!!

The cycle route took us along the Rhone riverside and we stopped for coffee. The ladies in the coffee shop made us feel welcome and I even hugged one of them and we laughed together because both of us struggled with the language barrier.

She got a famous Tracey hug!

After leaving here we cycled along cycleways – through fruit trees on either side of the path.

Apricots, cherry and nectarine trees looked very inviting – ok, we took a couple but only a couple. Promise!! Ripe and delicious.

Even though it was raining and the farmers kept the water sprinklers running. These were spraying the fruit trees and we got a soaking each time we cycled past them.

The cycle route was beautiful. Here’s a video taken of the river L’lsere from the cycle path on the way into Romans Sur Isere – what do you think?!

On the way to Romans Sur Isere

Eventually we arrived into the town Romans Sur Isere and enjoyed a tasty pizza.

The architecture on some building was beautiful in Romans Sur Isere. So I took a peep inside their church.

A Catholic Church in Romans Sur Isere

We met some beautiful donkeys on the cycle route and I got a kiss and cuddle. However, I almost had a hair trim but managed to save my ponytail from his teeth!!

Lovable donkeys.

After saying our goodbyes to the donkeys we came across these 3 lovely people. This is me giving them a fist pump.

My aunt Susan and I would fist pump each time something went well with our day – to celebrate the positives. Even though she was very poorly – WE found a way to celebrate the small positives.

Continuing on route we came across the powerful smell of lavender. The field was colourful and such a treat to see. Here I want to share this with you.

Lavender field.

Eventually we cycled into Valence. Here we enjoyed a Lebanese meal, fed some hungry pigeons with some bread we had saved from the meal and I will certainly sleep well.

I’m ready for a rest. Goodnight from the beautiful the Knox, donkeys and pigeons and me.

We are heading to Montpellier.


  1. Hope you gathered some of that fresh lavender, remember the mozzies hate it. Tie some bunches to put in with clothes and sleeping bags for extra protection, you’ll sleep well too.
    You are both doing amazing, keep on pedalling, photographing and blogging, it’s like we’re all there with you. Can’t believe how blonde you look. Big hugs. Xxx

    1. It’s lovely knowing you are staying in touch
      The mozzies are horrible. They are like silent assassins!! Big Hugs right back at you xxx

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