Cardedeu to Barcelona

Cycling Day 36.

We left Cardedeu around 08:30.

The hotel was simple, clean and the staff were helpful – though I got woken up at 04:30 by a guest leaving. Their room door closed with a loud bang, then I heard them dragging a bag down the steps. I wanted to investigate – so I took a look down the corridor and they’d left the hotel door wide open!

I went back to sleep and woke up tired.

Life is simple on the road. It really makes you notice people. People walking around, sitting with friends outside cafes, people cycle touring or road cycling. They notice you too. They turn their heads to say something but mostly they nod because neither of us can speak the others language. The flags on the bike tell everyone we are British.

Occasionally we get smiles, claps, and waves from people – when they realise what we are doing.

This happened a lot today and it made me feel special and proud. To share the excitement of doing something a little different with other people feels good!

You also notice nature – more than usual. The different sounds and the different smells.

The roads were busy on the route into Barcelona.

Cars usually allow enough room – as long as you respect them and abide by the road rules of etiquette. Though there’s always an exception or someone who doesn’t feel the road is for sharing! I’ll say no more – though it nearly didn’t end well!

We arrived in Barcelona and met up with Stefan later in the day. I’ve mentioned before about how we met Stefan on the road – he’s from Germany and a great guy. Nice to see him again and we’ll share stories when we meet up again – in Germany.

I’m feeling a little achy and looking forward to a rest tomorrow and the following day. We will call by the MSF office and let them know we’ve arrived safely.

Goodnight from Barcelona and me.

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