Chateauneuf- du- Rhone to Camping la Coquille (near Bagnols Sur Ceze)

Cycling Day 26.

Exceptionally windy day.

This was a positive windy day and it pushed me along most of the cycle route. I was laughing with absolute pleasure!! Though my bike fell over several times – even though I propped it up against something.

We had a live radio broadcast around 10:30 with Jonathan from Radio York. At the time we went live – Andy and I were cycling along a cycleway beside the river Rhone with the birds singing and the high winds blowing.

I was standing here by the river Rhone whilst going live on the radio interview. Jonathan commented on the birds singing.

Around 10 minutes before I was cycling over a bridge and my top blew up ( around my neck ) and I nearly got blown over onto the road. I had 2 choices. 1 being do I protect my dignity or 2 do I hold right onto my handlebars. Well it would be telling what my priority was!? I laughed a lot!!!

Not a cloud in the sky – ALL DAY.

The dancing barley field

The fields full of barley danced along with their friend the barley.

We passed through a couple of towns. Most of the day was cycling on the flat and the cycleway was good, and this only changed to some hill climbing much later in the day.

Grass hopper

A little tired and dust dirty – we arrived safely at the campsite. The ground was hard but with the help of a rock the tent pegs stayed in the ground.

However, this didn’t happen immediately, as the wind blew – the tent blew several foot away!!

Goodnight from me , the frogs , the grass hoppers and the mosquitos.

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