Collioure to Figueres

Cycling Day 33.

Ride to the Rock. Raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) : (UNSPONSORED)

We’ve crossed the Spanish boarder and what a tough day it’s been!! Changing of the flags.

The climbs, the head winds, the road surface was very unsuitable for touring at times and the temperature!!!

I’m not complaining – this is a challenge after all. I’m just tired and sore. I’ll show you how difficult and beautiful today was in pictures.

The climbing started straight away with a couple of climbs heading out of Collioure. This took us around a couple of bays before heading inland, and this was when the real climbs started!

We passed grape and olive crops.

The fields are full of grapes – the bunches are in abundance – though the grapes are still young and not ready to eat. I couldn’t actually see any olives growing but the trees are large and green.

Inland cycling was tough. The climbs didn’t stop coming! I had to get off and push a couple of times. The Pyrenees mountains are not for the faint hearted.

I struggled at times with the weight of the bike and the incline.

Eventually we made it to the top! This is actually the French / Spanish boarder.

Col de Banyuls looking towards the Spanish side of the boarder

There’s always a down after a climb. This helped to cool me down and allow for some rest – mentally and physically. And it did.

Until the cycleway became deep with pebbles, stones and sand. I was determined to push through and after falling off 3 times!!!

Pebbles , stones and sand.

Though the fields of sunflowers and cactus flowers made up for the several miles of my bike shaking and jerking about on the pebbles.

Tonight we are Figueres and treated ourselves to the Salvador Darli Museum. Bonkers but equally fascinating and brilliant!!!

Here see what you think.

Goodnight from me and Salvador Dali.

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