Cunit – camping la Rueda to Cambrils

Cycling Day 38 of Ride to the Rock. Sponsored by Toyota Gibraltar (TGS).

We are on our third stage of Ride to the Rock. The bikes are desperate for a clean-up. Though the road dust we’ve picked up along our journey makes me want to keep it. We’ve cycled a fair way!

The dusty tracks cycled earlier today.

We’ve cycled up the Jura and Pyrenees mountains and reached the Mediterranean sea, passed through various towns and countries in Europe – Netherlands, Belgium , Switzerland, France and now Spain. I sometimes reminisce. We are looking forward – towards Gibraltar!

I can do this. We can do this!

Gibraltar is in our sights.

I’ve added the distance and moving time of todays ride below. We don’t cycle fast due to our load and the route was hilly today.

We are carrying everything we need to sleep outside under the stars and this is fairly weighted.

Our load is 40kg and then there’s me 65kg!

  • 1 three man Tent
  • 2 sets clothing ( plus 1 dress and 1 pair of sandals )
  • Toiletries
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Some food ( for 1 day )
  • Cooking pans (2)
  • A Fork/spoon and knife – all in one
  • Battery charger attached to our dynamo
  • Mobile
  • Sleeping bag
  • Towel
  • Bike locks
  • 4 panniers
  • 1 top box
  • 1 steel framed touring bike

Here’s a video I took earlier of the harbour – along the coast between Cunit and Terragona.

On route. We met a fellow tourer called Bertie. He’s from France. Such a ray of sunshine. He told us ” I love you already ” before we said “Safe journey’ and off we went. Berries journey had taken him from France to Portugal and he’s heading back to France. Bertie, Andy and I wish you love with whatever you find yourself doing – once you decide this is.

Here’s hoping we meet again.

We cycled past olive groves and smelt the perfume from blossoming flowers,

We eventually arrived into Cambrils.

A busy harbour town with boats of all shapes and sizes and people on holiday.

Goodnight and sleep well friends at home and my new friends. I love you.


    1. I remember our meeting at the JFK airport – this was our last day of cycling the trans American ride. This ride will come to an end and what an adventure! We are privileged to have met you and your family!! Xx

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