Figueres to Girona

Cycling Day 34.

On paper the route looked easy. It was. Though normally I am well. Today I wasn’t feeling good!

The roads offered good space for cyclists with good proportioned cycle lanes. Cars, vans etc were considerate towards us. I didn’t feel nervous. Even though I drank my water – I this didn’t make me feel hydrated.

Maybe the cycle ride yesterday had an big impact on me. We got up early around 0700. Today physiology was suffering. Around 10 miles into the ride and in the baking sun – I started to feel dizzy and really unwell. I was shaking and sweating LOTS!

I was starting to feel unwell.

The first chance we had to get out of the heat – we did. A petrol station was our only option. After speaking with the petroleum assistant he said it was 44 C – 2 days ago. Today I’m unsure of the temperature. As you can see I was quickly back to my normal self.

My medicine : Salted peanuts, a couple of cans of coke and a magnum ice – cream and a good cool down because the air – conditioning was on. Highly recommended.

Following this – we kept going towards Girona. The ride into Girona was easy apart from realising some locals aren’t keen on our Spanish flags. We didn’t appreciate the politics – so whilst we are in Catalonia we have changed the flags out of respect.

Here we are staying in B & B 10. This isn’t a fancy hotel. Though it offers a nice , clean room with all we need to rest. I’ve also visited the pharmacy and have bought some oral rehydration sachets.

This evening we went into Girona and enjoyed a Mexican meal at 1810. Yum!!

We also met Rex who has a wonderful life with his papa. A Spanish guy. Rex was wondering the streets last December and now lives his best life! He has his own doggy pool – I saw video of him enjoying himself playing inside it.

Girona this evening.

Here are the new flags.

A good nights sleep with any mosquitos insight – perfecto!!

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