Geneva to edge of Lac d’ Annacy – Camping le Pole

Today has been a really long cycling day.

Leaving Geneva’s busy traffic behind felt good. Ive been wanting to be back in the countryside. The rain started as we were leaving.

The climbs started on the way out of the city and they didn’t stop coming! Up and down – followed by the same on repeat.

Because we had climbed for a few hours – the views were amazing!

After around 10 miles we looked back to see the view. Geneva was in the distance. Very small buildings. We could also see the giant water spout better known as Jet d’ Eau. It’s in this picture but you have to look closely.

Just yesterday I swam in Geneva Lake. It was freezing. I’ll do anything – within reason to raise money for MSF. I got Andy in too.

The mountains are moving closer to us. They stand like giants.

We cycled through the town Annacy. Annecy, a dynamic, incredibly scenic town—tucked away in the mountains of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Cycling on cycle path adjacent to lac d’ Annacy.

Look at these beautiful ducklings swimming in Lac d’ Annacy. The lake is the third largest lake in France. It is known as “Europe’s cleanest lake” because of strict environmental regulations.

Tonight we’ve settled at a campsite called Camping Le Pole. This is a few hundred meters from Lac d’ Annacy.

I am ready for some sleep. Goodnight.

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