Grassy area close to Le Cheylas to Grenoble – followed by a rest day and Grenoble to Campsite near Saint Marcellin.

Day 22 and 23 cycling.

Ride To The Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) (Unsponsored Stage).

I woke up feeling really itchy!

The grassy area looked like a good pitch but it housed millions of pesky mosquitos. I’ll be happy to leave them behind.

Adieu les moustiques!! Here’s hoping I won’t see you again.

Today, I was to meet Sophie and Jean – Baptiste for the first time. Andy had already met them in France 11 years ago but only 1 time.

The reunion went amazingly! They are both lovely, beautiful people and have very big hearts, this was very clear for the first instant.

Todays ride was to be fairly short one.

The 26 miles Рwas a mix of several ups and downs Рmanageable climbs and fairly decent roads and cycle paths. We followed the river into Grenoble with beautiful mountains along the way. Plus lots of sunshine and a p̢tisserie who kindly sold me a walnut pastry with a toffee coating. Yum!!

We arrived in Grenoble at 1400.

Sophie and Jean Baptiste stood waiting for our arrival – in the street as we arrived. Such lovely people!! Tonight we were to stay with them. After some conversation – 1 night became 2.

The same evening Sophie and Jean – Baptise took us to Fort de la Bastille. I am not great with heights and sitting in the back seat of JBs car climbing 264 metres from the valley floor – was terrifying. Though the view was amazing. I could see for miles – with a radius covering approx 20 miles of Grenoble and surrounding areas.

We enjoyed a delicious Indian meal. This was far better than I’ve ever had. Even better than the traditional Indian food I’ve eaten with friends – in Bradford ( UK West Yorkshire ).

Before bed Sophia and JB toasted our new friendship and Andy toasted to their reunion. Chartreuse at 60 abv!!

The next morning JB went to work and Sophia, Andy and I enjoyed our time spent together making new memories.

Grenoble to Campsite St Marcellin

Day 23 cycling.

A sad but typical silly goodbye from me. Silly because I put a high factor suncream on my face and I looked like a ghost, and a sad goodbye because I fell in love with Sophie and JB ” A tout à l’heure‘ – goodbye is just for now.

We have more memories to make together and more cake to eat. Out story has just begun.

The cycling today was perfect. The weather was warm and kind with a gentle breeze. The route took us along the river Isere South of Grenoble, and through a town called Vinay.

Here we stopped at a salon de coiffure. I laughed as Andy tried to understand what the hairdresser was saying – nodding with agreement as she briskly took the shaver to his head.

This was a close shave!!

My hair is turning more blond with the sun and I also had a trim, and some hair perfume. Ooolala!!

From here we cycled through a harvest of walnut trees and farms with beautiful animals like woolly pigs.

Eventually we arrived at the campsite Saint Marcellin. Here they have a small lake and I was surprised to feel the water warm enough to take a bath in.

I didn’t but surprisingly hot from todays sun!!

Goodnight from a tired Tracey xx

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