La Nubliere to a grassy area near to Le Cheylas

Ride to the Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF):

Day 21

4 words – Hot , Beautiful Mountains , Mosquitos.

Wow it was hot today and why complain?! I’m enjoying the warmth – though todays heat was burning my skin. Plenty of factor 50! I felt as though I was melting!! 6 or so solid hours – if I was a 5 ft 6 ice cube – I would have lasted 1 hour!!

Refreshments, hydration and some more please!! It was difficult to keep hydrated and at times I was feeling dizzy!!

The Supermarket was helpful on route.

The cycling route on kamoot was very kind, generally flat and the road surface was good.

Beautiful Mountainous landscape.

What a treat these mountains offer to the eye. These mountains are now starting to evolve from teenagers to fully grown adults and now we are starting to look like tiny ants in comparison.

Cycling through valleys was stunning! Occasionally we came across the shelter of a tree and this was welcomed!!

The Alpes dominate every were you look.

Today has been very different to the climbing we did yesterday. Yesterday we were on top of the world cycling to great heights.

Today the mountains and valleys have shown us how small we really are in comparison.

I really do want to contribute what I can to our world and make it a better place, and support Medicines Sans Frontiers. With every rotation of the peddle I hope to make a difference.

I am giving this challenge my best effort.

The mountains are beginning to get bigger.

Finally we found a good spot to camp. A grassy area with the protection of some trees for shelter. This would be our home for the night.

Unfortunately, mosquitos took their chance and I’m covered in itchy bumps – from head to toe. I really don’t like them.

Tomorrow we will arrive in Grenoble and I will be introduced to Jean- Baptiste and Sophie. Andy met them 11 years ago and only stayed with them once. I have heard how lovely they are and we will be staying at their home. Thank you in advance for welcoming us.

Goodnight from the horrid mosquitos. Fingers crossed I won’t need a wee tonight!?

The tent is zipped up!!


  1. Mozzies love me too but they don’t like lavender, I put lavender oil on the inner tent flaps and on my pyjamas and find it helps.

  2. You two are amazing and a bit crazy ;) I think the mosquitos would be my breaking point. I read the comment above and have heard that lavendar does help in repelling those pesky critters. Worth a try for sure. I appreciate all the beautiful and sometimes funny pics you share and enjoy reading about your adventures for the day. Some day you’ll read back over these and ask yourself, “How did we do that? What a monumental achievement!” Keep up the good, hard work! I’m super impressed and proud of both of you! (And I’m still so thrilled that you’re going to be joined in marriage!)

    1. It’s so lovely to hear from you! We have so many fond memories of you and Rory. I still love you both and yes I agree we are a little crazy, and we still have fond memories about our time in the USA and with you. I bought some lavender earlier today in Grenoble and I hope this works. I am really itchy!!! Xxxx

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