Les Rousses To Geneva

Ansell Stage of Ride to the Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

Day 19.

3 words – “Shattered – exhilarated – Friendship’.

Shattered but rested with the help of Michel and Sylvie in Les Rousses, exhilarated and “very excited and happy, in a way that feels physical’ (Oxford dictionary) because we’ve achieved our goal of reaching Geneva, and THANKFUl to our new and friends from around the globe and at home for their support and friendship.

Sylvie and Michel gave Andy and I a safe place to sleep and feel rested before heading towards Geneva. We had perfectly planned the route and it worked out superbly!

We couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you from my / our mums for keeping us safe, rested and made to feel welcome at yours.

After our power food – we set off climbing. This wasn’t too difficult and compared to yesterday – it was a breeze.

Because shortly after the climb – YES you are right – we sailed down hill! Very fast!!! I’m sure my break pads smelt like burning rubber !!!!

Actually the descent was cold .

Here we are at the French – Swiss boarder.

We ceremonially stopped at the France-Swiss border for a brief photoshoot.

For a while, at least my – French flag was exchanged for the Swiss but what will remain is our home British flag. The Union Flag.

The changing of the French, Swiss Flags.

Reaching goals gives US ( all of us ) a feeling of achievement and maybe you can see this in our faces!? I am very much driven by our saying “I can do it’ – and yes we have so far.

If you haven’t yet but are interested in our Ride to the Rock song named “I can do it’ – please listen and maybe you will also be inspired to achieve your goals.


ALL PROCEEDS GO TO MSF ( Medicines Sans Frontiers ) .

Following our descent into Nyon – we had another 14 miles to cycle to Geneva. It started to rain but with the end was in sight and knowing they’ll be a warm room waiting – this wasn’t an issue.

Cold and wet we arrived in Geneva around 1500hrs.

2 nights rest.

The Hill is alive with the sound of music!!


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