Mauguio to wild camping in Sand Dunes – West of Sete

Cycling Day 29.

Ride to the Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) (UNSPONSORED)

Cycling Day 29.

We said our goodbye to Andre and Isabelle , and Andres mum around 0900 am. Thank you for being so caring towards us. My mum Rita says thank you.

A good early start. Our mission today was to reach the Mediterranean coast in around 1 hour and we achieved this.

I touched the sand with my hand and it was warm. Lots of shells littered the ground and the beach was tidy and clean. It was an amazing feeling of satisfaction to see the sea and realise what we had accomplished. The journey will continue to be coastal most of the way to Barcelona.

We did it!!!

We pushed the bikes in to the Mediterranean Sea. The bikes have been christened in San Francisco Bay and the Hudson River in New York and now – the south of France Med coast! Lots more adventure still to come!

One day – I will pass my bike onto any family member. They will need to want to travel this world by bike. You will meet people with adventure in their hearts and discover kindness from strangers – who become your friends.

We cycled along the coast weaving through people and then traffic. Pulling away from this we decided to visit Cathedrale de Maguelone – as reccommended by Isabelle. Here peacocks walked around or sat high in trees – stunning colours and elegant creatures. The cathedral is currently being restored after having a history of being neglected.

We moved on towards a campsite further up the coast.

We stopped momentarily for a short rest and a drink of water and a familiar face came towards us. Stephane – who we’d met around 5 days ago. The chance of seeing him again was a nice treat. We stopped for a chat and decided to cycle together towards Sete. Sete was Stephanes stop. We hope to see him again in Barcelona – where he’s finishing his tour and meeting his wife before heading back to northern Germany.

Our 3 cycling convoy soon became 4 when we met Erik. He stopped to say hello. Cycle touring can be a great way to meet other cyclists. We’ve got stories to share. Erik is from Sweden and is cycling to Portugal for the Boom festival. If you want to know more about this – look here

We continued to cycle with Erik as far as our campsite. He planned to cycle till 2100 hrs ish but we were calling it a day at 1800 hrs.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get into the campsite as they were full . So we decided to pitch on some sand dunes nearby about 50 metres from the sea but hidden from passers by. The bushes kept us hidden.

Because we couldn’t peg the tent fly in the sand this was left off but that’s fine, we will enjoy the fresh Mediterranean air and watch the clouds through the top of the inner. This is beautiful.

We continue west tomorrow. It’s hard work in the heat but worth every bead of sweat for the experience and more importantly every penny donated to Médecins Sans Frontières.

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