Nimes to Mauguio

Cycling Day 28.

(UNSPONSORED) Ride To The Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

I’ve had a couple of issues blogging. Mostly because my phone storage has reached it’s limit ( I’ve been taking too many videos) and I’ve had difficulty uploading pictures because of the poor internet connection. Maybe??!

All sorted now. Fingers crossed. ( Edit * failed to upload again and again and again for 48 hours!!).

Having a rest day in Nimes was wonderful. Simply sleeping in a bed without mosquitos bothering me – bliss.

Taking in some attractions in Nimes, eating some lovely food and visiting a couple of local attractions – how could this fail to prepare me for the getting back on the saddle!?

Recharged and refreshed!!

A little about Nimes.

Nimes is known as the most Roman city outside Italy. As you can imagine the city is beautiful with many famous monuments such as the Arena of Nimes ( sadly some people still enjoy bull fighting) and the Maison Carree. Nimes has a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire. Because of this, Nîmes is often referred to as the French Rome.

Leaving Nime was inevitable but I would enjoy visiting again – with more time to spare. Rest days are brief, rest is the best way to recharge and I we needed to do some housekeeping and visit the laundrette.

Heading to Mauguio was hot 33 plus!! The heat felt too much at times and this was making me feel nauseous.

Cycling in the countryside should be bliss with beautiful scenery. Though the ride was far from blissful. It was sad to see the land was scorched and because of the lack of rain and there was minimal vegetation. With exception of seeing the gentle white horses from time to time – the ride was flat and the cycling surfaces were a mix of compacted mud, roads with some good cycleways.

Like I mentioned the land was parched. A little rain would replenish the fields – though farmers resort to using sprinklers and water distribution systems to compensate.

They also use slurry. This doesn’t smell great!

Imagine cycling along and you feel some water on your face – this can be nice. Especially on a hot day. This can feel like a gift – the field sprinkler and some welcomed breeze. Nice! Today this didn’t smell like water! Unbelievable but true! You are covered in it!

I stopped ( screamed a little in my head ) and washed with my limited supply of water – especially paying attention to my face!!

I told myself – let’s move on. I can’t take back whats just happened.

We reached Lunel before pushing on into Mauguio on a mostly flat cycle route and beside a canal. The scenery started looking green with trees and fruits growing – grapes and melons. We saw some people picking the melons.

Lunel town looked nice with lush trees and flowers with local people enjoying the sunshine – drinking cool beverages outside restaurants. We enjoyed a cold lemon and Perrier whilst sat in the square near the Hotel de Ville – Town Hall.

This evening Andre and Isabelle here in Mauguio have generously offered to host us. Apologies for our light fragrance of organic perfume – slurry. Our friends in La Rousses ( Michel and Sylvie ) arranged for us to stay with their lifelong friends. How very kind. Thank you!

We enjoyed our evening meeting our new friends Andre and Isabelle. Isabelle made a delicious supper and they kindly took us to an estuary. The Etange de I’Or Estuary – translated The Pond of Gold. Beautiful pink flamingo graced the estuary, along with a stunning sunset, small wooden houses and small fishing boats.

Pink Flamingos at the L’Or Estuary

I slept comfortably with no mosquitos. Bliss!

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