Saint Pierre La Mer to Campsite at Laucate

Cycling Day 31.

We packed the tent, ate and got back on the road.

The route was pleasant, beautiful and with it being a nature reserve I fell in love with the nature. Butterflies fluttered from the grasses at the sides of the cycle route. The Estuary Estang de La Seche was stunning. The waterway offered such a beautiful and natural ( untouched ) lush green environment. If I could imagine such beauty – I would call it a dream.

I will enjoy reminiscing on this scenery.

Here’s a video.

Estang de La Seche.

This however soon changed. Kamoot took us on a route through sand. The temperature was baking hot.

I started to feel uncomfortable and there wasn’t any shade to hide under.


Here are a few videos of the ride. Can you hear the cicadas?

Shortly after this we left roads and hit gravel paths with patches of sand add to this some big gusts of headwind. Tricky and slow to cycle.

Then we arrived at the campsite at laucate. The tent, beds and some of the panniers were off loaded and we headed to the beach. This is where we met a lovely young man called Titouan.

The beach is beautiful. It’s time to test the water.

Thank you for a beautiful day.

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