Sand Dunes ( West of Sete ) to Campsite at Saint Pierre La Mer

Cycling Day 30.

(UNSPONSORED) Ride to the Rock for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

We packed the tent up – along with the sand from the dunes ( sand gets into everything – we know this, yes!) and hopefully the aunts didn’t want a ride out and stayed in the dunes!!?

I felt a little dirty this morning because it’s been really hot with temps 35 plus and this rarely drops! Because we didn’t have access to a shower- I mentally accepted that brushing my teeth and washing my face in the public toilets would be enough.

So today I’ve likely got sand, sweat and hopefully no tears.

What I did have was the love of a llama. He did scare me at one point – I was thinking “he’s going to spit’. As you can see I was a little concerned!? His horse friends brought a smile to my face – such beautiful animals!!

The cycling took us through some nice scenery with cicadas making a drumlike loud song in the trees. I heard cicadas for the first time in America on the trans America San Francisco to New York cycle ride – they sang day and night – as they do here.

We also cycled through a small settlement near St Pierre. Narbonne-Plage had a beautiful cycle view of docked sailing boats. We enjoyed a coffee and cold drinks at a cafe – 5 minutes away from here. The cycleway had pleasant views with good cycle paths.

Eventually we arrived at the municipal campsite at Saint Pierre La Mer.

It had been a hot day and after the tent was up and sorted – I enjoyed a wonderful shower.

When you don’t have something – in my case (yesterday I didn’t manage to shower because there wasn’t one ) – but today I really did appreciate this luxury. I felt fresh. We shouldn’t forget some people aren’t privileged like we are – let’s start appreciating what we have.

I’m sleeping comfortably and I’m clean, and I’ve eaten good food ( tonight I’ve eaten pizza at the beach front at Saint Pierre La Mer ) and I’m grateful for the life I have. I am in good health and I am taken care of because I was born into a system that looks after me. The NHS is also a privilege – this system looks after my loved ones. I am blessed and I am grateful.

We arrived at Saint La Mer around 16:00hrs.

Goodnight from me and the mosquitos.

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