St Mateu to Cabanes

Cycling Day 40. Of Ride to the Rock. Sponsored by Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS).

This morning we had a small breakfast around 0800 in the town square. Last night the square was bustling and this morning just a couple locals went to but bread. The town appears to be a friendly place with a couple of them greeting us with “Hola buenos Dias’.

The town was still sleeping and we enjoyed the peace. Swallows flew overhead and landed for the crumbs we had broken up for them. This was a tasty treat of olive oil based crackers we bought yesterday in Amposta. A couple of the locals visited the bakery for fresh bread for breakfast or lunch and smiled as they past.


St Mateu is a historic town bursting with history. If you are interested

Cycling today was straightforward compared to other days. The climbs were slow and steady, and trucks gave us plenty of room – as they passed. In fact one truck hung on Andys shoulder for a good couple of minutes and the road was clear. Maybe the driver was interested in our flags or the logos on my top?! But we couldn’t get our heads around this at the time??!

We passed olive and apricot trees.

On route we cycled through a lovely town called Les Covesde Vinroma and took the opportunity to call into a cafe. Here we enjoyed a coke, a fresh coffee and an ice lolly. The young lady server felt a little overwhelmed with us being British but after a couple of smiles this changed.

I took these pictures whilst sitting outside the cafe in Les Covesde Vinroma. In my opinion these old historic towns are elegant and understated.

Around half an hour rest – we moved on. The roads continued to be reasonable and not too challenging or maybe I’m getting use to “spinning the peddles’?!

A wonderful downhill

Eventually we arrived into Cabanes. The cycle ride today was fairly short because we had shortened the day by cycling further – yesterday. The weather also treated us well – it had been mild and a little overcast until later in the day and by this time we had already arrived into Cabanes.

Following some housekeeping ( washing clothes is pretty much a daily job – especially if it’s hot ) we bought some food and had a little rest.

This evening we enjoyed an evening night walk around the town. It was cooler and quiet with people sitting mostly indoors – though some sat outside their front doors with friends chatting. 3 elderly ladies sat on chairs – as we passed. This was lovely to see.

I looked up at the sky and took this video of the swallows playing together and catching their supper ( flies and bugs). Not so yum!?

Walking around the streets taking videos to remember Cabanes. This sun was going down around 21:30. The air was cool and the birds were singing or padding gossip onto each other?!

I took this of Cabanes around 21:00

I’m a little muscle sore and tired. I’m falling asleep as I write this. Sleep well swallows, bugs and my lovely mum. She’s just text me this.

Hope you have had a good day sleep well sweet dreams love you lots and lots my beautiful daughter good luck with your ride together tomorrow.

I am safe and I guess she worries.


  1. Beautiful as always, Tracey. Those swallows are amazing. Hope your muscles are less sore today. You can do it!

    1. The swallows were beautiful and such a sight to see. We want to thank you for your support and we send our love and maybe we can meet on our return? Xx

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