Cabanes to Chilches

Cycling Day 41 of Ride to the Rock sponsored by Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS)

Supporting Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Grey Day.

It was a bit of a grey day today. The sun definitely hid behind the clouds but we really didn’t mind. Usually the sun is constantly in our face for several hours and a grey sky has its blessings.

So it was a welcomed break from the usual.

Not at all cold though! 27 C. I still felt sticky.

The route wasn’t the prettiest we’ve been on but I felt safe – with the good cycle lanes for most of the journey.

Here you can see below the cycle lanes were wide. Occasionally we cycled side by side.

Our Dawes cycling tourers with schwalbe tyres and hand built wheels have done us proud. We’ve rattled over pot holes and large stones, slid down shale on steep downs, haven’t had any punctures and the bikes keep going strong.

We cycled over a caged bridge. This took us over a busy motorway.

Cycling over a caged bridge over a motorway.

We cycled through orange groves. The oranges have been collected from these trees and sent to shops around the world.

Tasty oranges!!

We are heading to Valencia tomorrow and stopping for a rest day. It will be nice to see the coast again and if possible go for a swim in the Mediterranean sea, and going for a look around the city.

Time to sleep and rest my sore legs.

Goodnight from me and all the lovely people we’ve met so far on our journey. I will treasure every meeting.

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