Cabra to Sierra Del Yeguas

Cycle Day 52.

3 Cycle Days left to go – till the finish line in Gibraltar.

Amsterdam seems like a lifetime ago.

Everyday of our Ride to the Rock Challenge we’ve cycled from one town , village or field of some-kind like the straw field with sheep surrounding our tent – to the next place to lay our heads.

It’s been an EPIC adventure and sometimes a very difficult physical CHALLENGE, and OUR end point is insight!!

I can do it!! We can do it!! Only if WE believe that it’s possible. Please consider listening to our Ride to the Rock song

Todays early 0400 start isn’t getting any easier. I just do it. I put 2 feet on the floor and stand, get dressed and washed, brush my teeth , sort my bike – then step into the darkness.

However when the sun starts coming up around 0630 – this is what I see in my side mirror. A beautiful sun rise.

My view of Spain this morning was Epic. Golden skies and layers of hills rolling on top of each other – with the warm air engulfing my body.

The start of todays ride wasn’t however that nice – the climb was slow. The sandy gravelled and potholed road meant it was difficult to stop my wheels from slipping or dropping into potholes. It was dark snd I couldn’t easily see the deep craters until I was on top of them. I put lots of effort into staying upright.

I was feeling nauseous early on – around 0430. A mix of eating – not long before going to sleep and I don’t believe we hydrated adequately because we were so shattered – I fell asleep without giving any thought to it.

You must move forward because going back is an impossibility. The peddles need turning for the journey to continue.

I caught Andy in my side mirror. This is how difficult it is . We’ve struggled with the early climbing and also with the later climbing or upside down climbing – everything feels this way at 0400.

Moving forward: Plenty of climbing today.

Stay determined and positive – however much things are testing you.

The bikes are holding up well. The flags are demonstrating our pride and respect to the country we are in.

Here I am trying to hold up the moon. Asking it not to go to bed. But the sun is determined to wake up!

Our flags.

The wind picked up with 5 miles left to ride. This makes cycling more effort – though still we are determined to finish todays ride.

We arrive and celebrate todays journey.

We are up again at 0400 for our ride and need to sleep – it’s just after 2100. Best try and sleep.

Goodnight my friends.

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