Mengibar to Porcuna

Cycle Day 50. Of Ride to the Rock.

5 Cycle Days left!!

Sponsored by Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS)

For Doctors Without Borders.

So, the cycling nurse is on track to reach Gibraltar, with Andy on the 20th July. The press will be waiting at the finish line and I hope to share all of this with you – in the blog.

@ 0400 hrs this morning – please press play below:

It was time to get up.

The journey started in the dark again.

The stars are even more beautiful the further away we got from Mengibar. As soon as the light pollution dropped away – the night sky became crystal clear.

Silence, darkness and the stars.

The planet Saturn brings special meaning to me. When my aunty Susan was very poorly and I was taking care of her – we would look out of her kitchen window or go for night drives. We would look up at the stars and point towards Saturn.

Because it was dark it was difficult to see our surroundings but we have great lights on the bike.

Passing through olive groves in blackness we heard the occasional noise of a rabbit rustling through shrubbery and the sound of cicadas in the trees – other than this we heard – nothing but Silence.

We passed through a couple of towns called Cazalilla, Lahiguera and Arjona. Our bikes rolled over their cobbled streets – passing closely by their front doors. The streets are narrow with lots of twists and turns, and mostly homes stood in darkness – people still sleeping.

The hills rolled again with some long, slow but progressive climbing.

The sun started to rise around 0630.

This is the view of the sun rising taken from the midway climbing point of our climb to Arjona. Arjona was one of two – of the bigger climbs today.

We pushed up our last biggest climb and reached Porcuna. With Porcuna being our last climb for the day – this was very satisfying!

The view looking out from Porcuna

Here’s a picture of our final push to Porcuna.

Arjona and Porcuna are towns built on top of mountains with steep zig zag roads – winding their way up to the towns.

Finally we arrived into Porcuna around 0930.

We came across a bar and I saw locals drinking a spirit – so I requested one for Andy and me.

I was feeling really sleepy. Time for a little nap. Goodnight or morning – I’m a little upside down with bedtimes these days.

Pouring a local spirit.

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