Porcuna To Cabra

Cycle Day 51.

Only 4 more cycle days to go.

Sponsored by Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS)

Medecins Sans Frontieres

Up again at 0400.

I am really struggling with these early starts – feeling nauseous and unable to eat. With very little energy to step outside in these high temps I feel drained before the day starts.

We tell ourselves “Let’s get going before time slips away’.

When the sun comes up – I really can’t explain how much more difficult it makes the ride. WARNING IF YOU DON’T LIKE EYES.

I’ve got a subconjunctival hemorrhage and maybe due to excessive exercise?

We very rarely see anyone exercise outdoors. Shutters are down. The rare times we do see anyone exercising outside – this is usually very early around 0700 and not much later.

Even road cyclists are a rare find.

I often think “People must think we are crazy!?‘ I know we always do our best – put both feet on the ground ( peddles in our case) and keep turning the wheels, and eventually we get there.

I struggle with anxiety and have done since I was a child. I deal with this in my own way. Sometimes words play in my mind “Can I do this etc but I reassure myself because like this ride to the rock I believe ” I Can Do This’ & “I’ve got this’ . I have learnt not to talk myself out of what makes my heart beat a little faster – even if sometimes fear steps in.

On the start of the ride dogs bark – as we pass by their homes. They run towards the perimeter of their gardens and stop at their gates to make sure we don’t get any closer.

However, this morning we did get a greeting from a beautiful – mix Yorkshire terrier. He crawled under the fence and just sat there watching us. No barking. I assured a car to slow – as not to run him over.

After every long slow climb uphill – we enjoy the big downhills. We always say “We deserve this’ or something similar. These descents help us to catch our breath before the next climb – usually straight after the down.

Our downhill at 0641.

Here’s a timeline from today.




Whizzing down – the downs at 0816.

Eventually we arrived into Cabra around 10:30. I feel like I’ve worked at night shift at the hospital and really need to get my head down.

And we did.


  1. So much admiration for you both, the end is within your grasp with a fantastic set of memories too! Sue Ferg xx

  2. You continue to inspire, Tracey. I am in awe of you and Andy and your sheer determination and commitment to achieve this amazing challenge. Gibraltar beckons. You can do it

  3. Sending so much love your way, you’re epically brave❣️ Such an inspiration to me, especially as I try to bounce back after another stint in hospital with my mental health. I can’t believe you have the energy to share every part of your journey when each day is obviously so gruelling for you. I recognise how deeply you are digging to continue on each day and now I know I have to put my chin back up too and carry on so that I can give you a big hug when I see you next. You’re my Wonder Woman

    1. Michelle you have a sensitive soul and I believe in. You have a magical power to and because you envelope everyone you meet with love, and the world and I admire a talent like yours. Love you and I will look forward to my hug

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