Santisteban del puerto to Mengibar

Cycle Day 49.

Sponsored by Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS)

Ride to the Rock

For- Medecins Sans Frontieres

The day started off in the dark! The alarm sounded at 0400hrs.

Like robots we got up. I say this because we got up this early out of necessity – our legs and arms did the walking and dressed us but my head was definitely wanting to climb back into bed.

Sometimes we don’t share how difficult cycling in the heat has been – we don’t want to alarm our mums or family and we don’t shy away from the challenge!!!

44 C by 1700 hrs.

So sensibility also plays a role in our early starts. Lots more dark starts to come!!

The dark skies are beautiful and being part of the journey of the sun rising is quite the thing – with stars slowly disappearing and an orange glow riding from the behind the mountains.

So a little disorientated we set off just after 0400 hrs – all packed up and into the darkness of warm air – 26 C. I was surprised to feel the warm air! Though so much more cooler at this time!!!!

Here’s Andy around 0700. I tried to catch the sun rising in my side mirror but this didn’t b work out too well!?

To be honest with you I really wanted to see very little of the sun – on the ride today. Over and over and over again I repeated the words – “Tracey peddle faster, peddle faster, keep going’. Because I was so poorly on cycle day 48 – these temperatures have burnt some fear into me.

Along the journey – I asked Andy many times “How long now’. Meaning are we getting closer to Mengibar because it’s getting hotter.

We arrived around 0930 and the temp was 32 C.

I couldn’t have been happier.

An early night tonight and another early start tomorrow. Otherwise cycling in these temps are unrealistic and dangerous!!


  1. I cannot even imagine cycling for as many days as you two have under the heat of the sun’s rays! What beautiful captures of the sun’s rising though. I’m not sure how one could hydrate enough to stay ahead of the loss of body fluids but I’m sure you are a pro by now at monitoring that. I’m not sure if it helps but just know Rory and I are here in Utah cheering you on every pedal stroke. I hope you sleep well each night so as to afford you the strength and stamina you need to carry on. God speed!

    1. I am writing this with tears in my eyes. Vicki I left some of my heart in Utah with you and Rory. Thank you for your kind words and support. Knowing you are cheering us on makes ALL the difference. Love to you both from Andy and I xxx

      1. Tracey, all this time you two have been out there pedaling, I thought Rory had made a donation to your cause and at the same time, he thought I had. We straightened that out today and I took care of it! I also shared your fundraising page on my FB page, hoping to get others to also donate. Press forward my friends! You’re almost there and just think how amazed and proud of yourselves you will be! I know I am!! YOU’RE BOTH INCREDIBLE!

        1. Vicki and Rory, from the day we met you both to the present – WE found you both to be 2 KIND HEARTED people. We remember how you embraced two strangers into your home with open arms. By opening up your home our hearts started to open too and we fall in love, and trust was built. I was nervous at first because trust doesn’t come easily – I remember you said ‘Come in’. I was amazed and moved by you – like a mothers arms embracing child on the day you bring them home. You accepted us into your home and showed us love. Thank you for being you and thank you for your support xxxx

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