Wild Camp South of Casa de Lazaro to a field of straw, South of Vilapalacios

Cycling Day 47.

Third Stage Sponsored by Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS)

Medecins Sans Frontieres

The day went smoothly. The roads were pathed well and the hills rolled, and trees made everything look so much more beautiful.

It was a little hot. Peaking at 32 C .

Waves of constant warm air blasted me in my face for most of the day – as I rode along the route. I can’t say this was pleasant but it was tolerable and as long as I could find some shade from a tree – I was happy.

We passed through a couple of villages. They were all picturesque and we were greeted with smiles and interest because of the Union Jack flag on the back of the bike. One time a food delivery man gave us a free cold drink.

I did some clothes washing in a public laundry washing room. Interesting to think these are still used. I believe the water is steam fed?!

I am taking in the view before heading into a small village called Masegoso. Here we met Jane originally from Lancashire and her Spanish husband and their daughter. They live in Madrid and spend summer holidays with her husbands family in the village. The village is quaint with an old water fountain, a communal fresh water drinking point and seated space were the locals gather, and a community outdoor swimming pool filled with water from the stream ( Jane said it leaks and frequently needs refilling ).

This is the view from my window ( tent window ). Absolutely stunning!

Just as I started to sleep – we had some visitors. Bells started to ring. This is their home and it was supper time. The sheep surrounded the tent. Fortunately the farmer was forgiving and allowed us to stay.

The bells and sheep started to arrive just before bedtime.

Goodnight from me and the sheep.

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