Cabanes to Chilches

Cycling Day 41 of Ride to the Rock sponsored by Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) Supporting Medecins Sans Frontieres. Grey Day. It was a bit of a grey day today. The sun definitely hid behind the clouds but we really didn’t mind. Usually the sun is constantly in our face for several hours and a grey… Continue reading Cabanes to Chilches

St Mateu to Cabanes

Cycling Day 40. Of Ride to the Rock. Sponsored by Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS). This morning we had a small breakfast around 0800 in the town square. Last night the square was bustling and this morning just a couple locals went to but bread. The town appears to be a friendly place with a couple… Continue reading St Mateu to Cabanes

Amposta to Sant Mateu

Cycling Day 39. Yesterday was a rest day. Here we ate, slept, visited the launderette and I managed to get a knock on the head by a scaffolding pole. So, I’ve got “an egg sized bump’ on the top of my head. This happened as the market was closing down and I was in the… Continue reading Amposta to Sant Mateu

Cambrils to Amposta

Cycling Day 39. Yesterday we arrived safely but very wet and very tired. I didn’t blog because of two reasons. 1. Andy started to feel really unwell with a heavy cold and 2. We got drenched in the heavy downpour of rain and arrived into Amposta feeling really cold. Today. Andys a little run down.… Continue reading Cambrils to Amposta

Cardedeu to Barcelona

Cycling Day 36. We left Cardedeu around 08:30. The hotel was simple, clean and the staff were helpful – though I got woken up at 04:30 by a guest leaving. Their room door closed with a loud bang, then I heard them dragging a bag down the steps. I wanted to investigate – so I… Continue reading Cardedeu to Barcelona

Figueres to Girona

Cycling Day 34. On paper the route looked easy. It was. Though normally I am well. Today I wasn’t feeling good! The roads offered good space for cyclists with good proportioned cycle lanes. Cars, vans etc were considerate towards us. I didn’t feel nervous. Even though I drank my water – I this didn’t make… Continue reading Figueres to Girona

Collioure to Figueres

Cycling Day 33. Ride to the Rock. Raising money for Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) : (UNSPONSORED) We’ve crossed the Spanish boarder and what a tough day it’s been!! Changing of the flags. The climbs, the head winds, the road surface was very unsuitable for touring at times and the temperature!!! I’m… Continue reading Collioure to Figueres

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